Does Choice of Medicated Birth Influence Breastfeeding

Created on June 4, 2014

Decisions in labor DO impact breastfeeding. Studies show that using epidurals or IV narcotics slow down milk production in the beginning. We often hear moms lament that they are having breastfeeding issues and "isn't breastfeeding natural"?

Today 83% of women use pain medications in labor. Women who take those meds are 2-3 times more likely to have a delay in their supply "coming in". One of the biggest fears is wondering if your baby is "getting enough". (Future topic) Having a C section is known to delay milk volume as well. When women have a delay in production, they tend to stop breastfeeding much sooner.

Plan during pregnancy to have coping techniques in place for labor. Relaxation, various positions, and labor support (a doula) go a long way in eliminating or minimizing the need for pain medication. Ask your care provider lots of questions about the effects of various meds and what other interventions the use of meds can lead to. Labor tends to be a domino effect when interventions are used. Breastfeeding issues are the last domino to fall! There are other effects from using pain medication during labor to both mom and baby. We'll discuss in future blogs.

Upcoming Lecture

Created on May 13, 2014

I will be teaming up with Dr. Cary DeSmidt to give a talk on how to have a healthy pregnancy and natural birth. I will be sharing my knowledge and over 25 years of experience of working with women as a lactation consultant, labor and postpartum doula, teacher of Bradley Childbirth classes and infant massage. Dr. Cary is a local chiropractor who focuses her practice on wellness during pregnancy and babies. I will be offering 10% off any Mother's Helper service to those who attend the seminar (purchased within a month from the talk). There will also be a door prize. Please plan to attend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

6:15-7:45 with questions to follow

Align Life

A Center for Natural Health

1115C Central Ave

Summerville, SC 29483


RSVP Lin 843-696-1068

Happy Mother's Day

Created on May 10, 2014

Welcome to the first of many blogs. My goal is to educate, stimulate, and entertain. I plan to discuss ways to have a healthy pregnancy, natural birth, and successful breastfeeding.

I am grateful to my Mom for encouraging me to start Mother's Helper. Not only did I heal from a loss, I aided many women to have the birth they wanted, empowered them as mothers and women. For almost 26 years I have worked in many capacities as a birth professional. Without the "coaching" of my own mother, Barbara Wingard, I would have never embarked on this journey. Thanks Mom!

I will be updating twice a week and hope you gain insight and knowledge.

Happy Mother's Day!