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If you want to have an unmedicated natural birth, it takes education and will. Lin will help you be prepared to give birth naturally and talk you through the entire experience.


Labor doulas are emotional and physical support persons that are knowledgeable about birthing situations. They do not take the father's place or role but support both the mother and father by suggesting comfort measures, assuring the couple of the normality of their labor and acting as advocates for the couple to the hospital staff. Doulas dramatically reduce interventions such as:

  • C Section

  • Epidural

  • Use of Vacuum/Forceps

  • Episiotomy

  • Induction of Labor


Lin Cook, a certified AAHCC labor doula, will come to your home during active labor. At this time she will help determine the appropriate time to leave for the hospital and also assist in comfort measures at home. Upon arriving in the hospital, Lin makes sure the laboring couple receives a nurse who supports their birth plan. Once check-in procedures are complete, Lin helps the couple stay relaxed and continue laboring. As various situations arise the doula helps remind the couple of the benefits versus risks of procedures suggested by the hospital staff. When the labor progresses to the pushing stage, Lin ensures calm continuity by having only one person remind the mother of proper techniques. Moreover, she will also make sure the parents' birth plan is followed by nursery nurses. After a brief time, Lin departs to allow the family to have their personal bonding time. A follow-up visit usually occurs within one week after birth.

What's Included:
  • 1-3 prenatal appointments in the privacy of your home

  • Postpartum visit to help you process the birth

  • Unlimited access via phone or text 

  • On-call 1 week prior to your due date until you give birth

  • Your doula works for you - not the hospital or care provider

  • Prenatal education

  • Lending library for books and films

  • Help knowing when you are in labor

  • Guidance on when to go to your place of birth

  • Help to get a compatible nurse, quiet room, setting up a peaceful environment, gathering supplies that you may want (ex: labor ball, squat bar, essential oils, massage tools, homeopathic kit, TENS unit, fan, rice bag for heat)

  • Times contractions accurately

  • Suggestions for comfort measures & position changes

  • Aids Dad/Birth Partner in how to help the birthing mom

  • Eases concerns of the couple about what is "normal"

  • Ensures partner eats

  • Explains procedures, gives true informed consent, benefits, and risks

  • Makes sure all emotions are explored and out in the open

  • Assists with pushing

  • Reminds mom to keep baby skin-to-skin & points out feeding cues

  • Protects The Golden Hour of initial bonding and breastfeeding 

  • Ongoing resources & referrals as the baby grows

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