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Bradley Childbirth Classes

Bradley Childbirth is a consumer-oriented approach to working naturally with your body to give birth in a common-sense, relaxed way. The Bradley classes offered by Lin Cook cover 12 weeks and start approximately in the woman's 6th month of pregnancy.  When you know what to expect and you prepare for labor you will have less anxiety and stress. The course covers numerous areas of pregnancy and birthing including:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise to make labor easier and shorter

  • Coaching skills (including comfort measures that do not involve drugs)

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Dealing with pregnancy discomforts

  • The mechanics of labor

  • How to handle unexpected situations

  • How to choose a birth team who will work with you without surprises

  • Writing your birth plan

  • Controversial subjects in obstetrics ~ ultrasound, circumcision and immunization

  • Basics of breastfeeding information

  • Newborn procedures

  • Labor rehearsals

  • Films on labor and related topics

*Studies show that 88% of couples who take a Bradley Childbirth Class achieve a natural childbirth.  The other 12% are either had a C-section or received pain medication.


     After all the babies are born the class enjoys a reunion.

Learn more about the class from Lin's YouTube video

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